The Top 100 Women Leaders of Connecticut for 2022

Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top 100 Women Leaders of Connecticut for 2022. These women are celebrated for their contribution to the workforce and their personal accomplishments along the way. Since the beginning of time, women of Connecticut have kept their communities and businesses running despite the barriers that have stood in their way. The state was home to historical women who made it possible for today’s women to thrive in the workplace. Educator and abolitionist Prudence Crandall and woman’s suffrage advocate Isabella Beecher worked tirelessly to eliminate barriers women faced during the 1800s. Their work continued into the twentieth century with other notable women of Connecticut like Ella Grasso, the first woman to be elected as a US governor and Mary Townsend Seymour, champion of African American civil rights. Thanks to their dedication and fight towards equality, women of today are able to prosper across all industries.

Awardee Jamie Gerrits, the VP of Service Operations of Aetna, is known for initiating the optimization of the consumer experience in health insurance by leading enterprise-wide strategic programs to help leverage technology to drive exponential improvements. Meanwhile, Djuana Beamon, the Chief Diversity Officer of People’s United Bank, uses her 20+ years of experience in leading D&I strategies to find new ways to enhance the bank’s cultures and to celebrate unique differences and similarities. Jill Nowacki, the President and CEO of Humanidei + O’Rourke, helps the credit union strengthen its relevance and strategically address the value of human capital in turn creating an environment where they have increased innovation and a stronger succession plan for the future.

These awardees have worked tirelessly in their roles and are creating a path for future female leaders like those have done before them. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of The Top 100 Women Leaders of Connecticut for 2022.

78. Constantine Alleyne
Civilian Corrections Academy

Constantine Alleyne is the Founder and President of the Civilian Corrections Academy. She founded the academy in 2018. Civilian Corrections Academy offers organizations and their employees consultancy, pre-boarding and in-service training, mentoring, and career planning services. Civilian Corrections Academy identified a vulnerability in the industry and created an evidence-based path to fill the knowledge gap for the civilian workforce, making for a safer environment and mitigating institutional risks by increasing the correctional competence. She has over 20 years of experience with correctional and human resource management experience.

Prior to establishing the Civilian Corrections Academy, Alleyne served as a health services manager on Rikers Island in NYC for a decade and as a health services administrator II for the CT Department of Corrections for an additional five years. In addition to founding the Academy, Alleyne is the founder of The Fly Behind the Wall podcast and author of The Cage Was Her Cocoon. Alleyne earned an MBA and an undergraduate degree in human resource management from the University of Connecticut.

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